Photovoltaics Permit

In recent years, the energy cost has been constantly increasing. As an indication, we mention the continuous increases in the cost of electricity, oil, natural gas, etc. Renewable sources are natural energy sources that are fully environmentally friendly and available to everyone free of charge. Therefore, their utilization is the most appropriate solution for achieving independence from fluctuating energy costs and reducing gas emissions.

ENAUSYS takes full responsibility for the study and licensing of a photovoltaic park. Based on the current legislative framework, the following possibilities exist:

  • Net Metering

The annual consumption of electricity is offset by the energy produced by the photovoltaic system. Consequently, the owner is charged only for the additional energy consumed beyond what is generated. The installation can be done on rooftops or on the ground in the same location or adjacent to the consumption area. The installation limit is up to 100% of the agreed capacity.

  • Virtual Net Metering

This applies only to agricultural operations, energy communities, and legal entities pursuing public benefit purposes. Essentially, it allows the photovoltaic park to be installed in a location different from the one where the consumption takes place.

  • Energy Production for Sale

Temporarily unavailable – all new applications have been “frozen” by a decision of the Ministry of Energy.

Energy Business Communities

With the continuous increase in energy costs, most businesses are trying to find a solution in energy production from photovoltaics. However, the problem of lack of installation space is often observed (e.g., hotels, offices, radio stations, etc.). In these cases, the appropriate solution is the creation of an energy community, as it allows for virtual net metering. According to Law 5037/2023, the establishment of Renewable Energy Communities is proposed for small and medium-sized enterprises, with a minimum participation of 15 members.

ENAUSYS, as consulting engineers, provides solutions for all the questions and procedures required, as we offer:

1) Consultancy services regarding the members, participation rates, etc.

2) Pre-check of the land plot (if it meets the licensing requirements)

3) Licensing process by competent authorities

(Environmental Impact Assessment, Land Use, High or Non-Productive Land, Forest Authority, Archaeology, etc.)

4) Connection terms by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO)

5) Operating license


Application Study – Construction Supervision

ENAUSYS undertakes, on behalf of the client, the detailed application study for the optimal layout of a photovoltaic system, as well as the supervision of the contractor and construction team. Assigning the study and supervision to an independent engineer ensures protection against fraud and problematic materials, while increasing the final value of the project. Specifically, we undertake:

  • Study for the optimal layout of photovoltaic panels
  • Electrical study of interconnection (string connections, inverter positions, substation location, medium voltage network routing)
  • Energy performance study over a 20-year period
  • Economic analysis (construction costs, payback time, etc.)
  • Material specifications (foundations, cables, panels, inverters, etc.)
  • Construction supervision (construction quality control, inspection of delivered materials, adherence to the schedule, etc.)
  • Final acceptance of the project and commencement of operation.