Electrical Installations Certification

The inspection and assurance of proper functioning of every electrical installation is mandatory according to legislation and prevents any risk of errors or electric shocks. The inspection is carried out by experienced and specialized personnel using specific measuring instruments based on the ELOT HD 384 standard and the new ELOT 60364:2020.

The regular reinspection intervals for electrical installations are defined as follows:

  • 10 years for residential buildings
  • 5 years for commercial spaces
  • 2 years for entertainment venues, public gathering places, and outdoor commercial installations

ENAUSYS has extensive experience in the inspection of electrical installations, having conducted inspections in spaces such as:

– Hospitals, Health Centers

– Universities

– Hotel facilities

– Supermarkets

– Industrial premises

as well as hundreds of residential buildings.

Our electrical engineers possess all the necessary licenses to certify low-voltage installations, Medium Voltage Substations, Electric Power Generation Units, and more.

Specifically, we follow the following steps:

  • Visual inspection and documentation of the electrical installation
  • Inspection conducted by specialized personnel using appropriate instruments such as MACROTEST, ammeters, etc.
  • Rectification of errors and hazardous points of electric shock (e.g., lack of residual current devices, uninsulated conductors, unearthed sockets, etc.)
  • Preparation of Electrical Installation Certificates (YDE) and submission to the Distribution Network Operator (DEDDIE).