Engineering Services

a. Building

According to contemporary urban planning, the issuance of an administrative act by the authorized engineer is required for the execution of any type of construction work.

b.Small Scale
Construction Permit

Small-scale approval is necessary for the legal execution of simple works as
defined by the legislation.

c.Regularization of Unauthorized Construction

The legalization of properties with unauthorised constructions is a long-standing complex issue that concerns thousands of property owners.

d.Building Digital

The electronic identity of a building is an electronic folder that captures and monitors the urban planning status of a building or property (e.g., horizontal ownership - apartment).

e. Due Diligence of

The purpose of the pre-inspection is to determine the technical and urban planning condition of the property, aiming to address technical and urban planning issues.

f. Energy Performance

The Energy Performance Certificate reflects and expresses the energy characteristics of a building or its individual units, such as an individual apartment.