The Energy Performance Certificate reflects and expresses the energy characteristics of a building or its individual units, such as an individual apartment. Based on the national Building Energy Performance Regulation, the property is classified into energy categories ranging from A+ to H, where A+ represents buildings or building units with almost zero energy consumption.

ENAUSYS has experienced Grade C energy inspectors, covering all the requirements for issuing any Energy Performance Certificate. The energy certificate is now a necessary requirement for:
  • Completing a new construction and the permanent connection to utility networks.
  • Renting a property for residential or commercial use.
  • Buying or selling a property, whether it is a single building or individual apartments, regardless of the area.


A significant portion of the operating costs of every business or industry is the energy cost, which directly depends on the total energy requirements for its smooth operation. Energy audit is an important tool in the effort of energy upgrading and energy conservation. It is a technical-economic study based on corresponding European standards that records the overall existing energy consumption of a building, an industrial activity, and private or public services.

Energy audit records the actual energy consumption of a business, as opposed to the energy certificate that records the theoretical consumption of a building. Energy audit is conducted in all facilities, systems, and means of transportation (such as cars, trucks, construction machinery, forklifts, etc.) owned or used within the Greek territory, which consume energy for their operation. Floating vessels, fixed track means, and aerial transport means are exempted. Through energy audits, interventions are proposed that result in energy savings and simultaneous contribution to environmental protection.

Businesses that are not classified as small or medium-sized enterprises are obligated to conduct an energy audit once every four years. In the case where a business ceases to be classified as small or medium-sized, the energy audit is carried out in the first year it becomes obligatory.