Fire Safety Certificate

For the safety of the public in case of a fire incident, our country implements the Building Fire Protection Regulation, based on Government Gazette 80A/2018. Public safety is achieved through proper building design, installation of active means and systems, as well as the appropriate selection of materials and equipment.


Depending on the type of use of each building, different fire protection measures are defined. The uses of a building can be Residential, Educational Institutions – Tutoring Centers, Hotels, Commerce, Offices, Industry – Manufacturing, Storage (logistics), etc. Depending on the activity of each business, it is assigned a risk category. Therefore, the following installations arise:

  • Zero-degree risk
  • A1 Low risk
  • A2, B Medium risk
  • C High risk


ENAUSYS undertakes the preparation of a fire protection study and the issuance of a fire safety certificate for your business. The entire process is now done through the e-adeies system and not through the Fire Department, as it was done in the past. Specifically, we take care of the following:

  • Informing you about the risk classification to which your business belongs, based on recent legislation
  • Site inspection by a competent engineer
  • Preparation/revision/archiving of the fire protection study (elevations, diagrams, technical descriptions of permanent systems, etc.)
  • Submission of the file and other supporting documents
  • Issuance/renewal of the fire protection certificate.


There are several cases of stores and businesses where only the adoption of suitable passive fire protection measures is mandatory. In these cases, a fire protection study and installation of active fire protection are not necessary, but the implementation of passive fire protection measures is required. Contact us to inform you if you need a fire safety certificate or not.