Small-scale approval is necessary for the legal execution of simple works as defined by the legislation. In cases where the works to be executed do not require a small-scale approval, the issuance of a certificate according to Article 30 of Law 4495/17 by a competent engineer is required.


The non-issuance of the above permits may lead to problems (obstacles in future property transfer, penalties, and issues with social security funds due to undeclared work, unauthorized constructions according to urban planning regulations, police penalties for illegal waste disposal). In the event of any accident involving a worker or passerby (civil liability), the lack of a permit entails additional sanctions solely for the property owner.


Indicative cases requiring small-scale approval:

  • External thermal insulation works.
  • Repairs of external coatings.
  • Installation of scaffolding and supports.
  • Renovation and internal alterations.
  • Division or merging of apartments.
  • Modification of facades (such as creating new openings, architectural projections, etc.).
  • Roof repairs.


Consult our office to determine whether a permit is required for the works, the timeline for issuance, the cost, and the necessary documentation.


In addition to issuing the small-scale approval, ENAUSYS undertakes all the procedures with public authorities, from the beginning to the completion of the project. Specifically, we undertake:

  • Preparation of a Design and Safety File, including the appointment of the responsible engineer.
  • Preparation of a Waste Management Plan and a contract with the approved waste management system (mandatory for every project that generates waste).
  • Surveying of the project and file management at the competent branch of the Social Security Foundation (EFKA).
  • Detailed periodic employee declarations and filing with the Hellenic Labour Inspection (SEPE).


Construction waste (debris)

When the works to be carried out generate construction waste (debris), alternative material management is mandatory. The project owner is required, at the start of the works, to ensure a waste management plan (WMP) and enter a contract with an approved management system. The waste management plan is prepared by the engineer.