The trust of ENAUSYS is guaranteed by the trust of its customers.

ENAUSYS provides comprehensive solutions for the new "Exoikomono for Young People" program. The trust of ENAUSYS is guaranteed by the trust of its customers, as our company has undertaken more than 200 projects in previous "Exoikonomo" programs. Specifically, we provide:

  • All the enrollment procedures for the program
  • Quality construction materials
  • Specialized installation/work crews
  • Study/supervision of work by a qualified engineer

Furthermore, ENAUSYS undertakes to cover the subsidy cost from the beginning, so you only pay your participation percentage in the program.

ELIGIBLE RESIDENCES (Apartment or detached house):

  • The owner must have been born between 01/01/1984 and 31/12/2005
  • Declared as the primary residence for the 2021 tax year (except for acquisitions after 31.12.2021)
  • There is an active power supply
  • It is legally constructed (in case of unauthorized construction, adjustment is required according to Law 4495/17)
  • It falls into a category lower than or equal to Category C based on the first energy performance certificate

The following conditions apply to participation in the "Renovate" segment:

  • Individual or family income ≤ €20,000
  • Right of full ownership or usufruct with a minimum percentage of 50%
  • Participation in the "Save-Energize" segment
  • Use of the residence by the applicant (residential occupation)
  • Total value of real estate, for all members of the applicant's family, equal to or less than €300,000.


For the «EXOIKONOMO» segment
Individual income (€) Family income (€) Subsidy Rate
Residence by the applicant Free transfer to another person or rental
1 ≤5.000 ≤10.000 75% 65%
2 5.000 - 10.000 10.000 - 20.000 70% 60%
3 10.000 - 20.000 20.000 - 30.000 55% 45%
4 20.000 - 30.000 30.000 - 50.000 45% 40%

Additional subsidy (bonus) for large +15%.

For the renovation segment, the subsidy is 30% for everyone, if eligibility conditions are met.

ELIGIBLE INTERVENTIONS in the "Exoikonomo" segment:

  • Ιnstallation of external thermal insulation (on walls, roof, porch, etc.)
  • Replacement of frames and shutters/roller blinds
  • Upgrading of heating system with Heat Pumps, Natural Gas, LPG, pellets, etc.
  • Upgrading of hot water system (e.g. solar water heater)
  • Installation of new Air Conditioner Inverters
  • Smart Home Systems ("smart" thermostats, energy meters, light/motion sensors, inverter circulators, etc.)


  • Bathroom renovation works
  • Kitchen renovation works
  • Renovation works for bedrooms, living room, and other interior spaces

In addition, 100% subsidy is provided for engineering services, such as issuing energy performance certificates and electronic identity.

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