Exoikonomo for Greek business

ENAUSYS provides comprehensive solutions for the new "Exoikonomo" expected to be available in 2023. It is aimed at very small, small, and medium-sized businesses in the trade and services sectors, with a total investment of up to €100,000. In the tourism sector, it is targeted at establishments with up to 100 beds, and the total investment can reach up to €500,000.

The trust of our customers guarantees ENAUSYS, as our company has undertaken over 200 projects in previous "Exoikonomo" programs. As specialists in energy efficiency and electromechanical systems, we provide you with:

  • Energy audits, Energy Certificates, and other engineering services
  • Quality construction materials
  • Specialized installation/works crews


  • Subsidy: 40 - 50%
  • Up to 72 installments
  • Reduced electricity/heating bills
  • Quick return on investment


  • Installation of external thermal insulation and moisture insulation
  • Replacement of frames and shading systems
  • Upgrading of heating/cooling/ventilation systems (e.g. Heat Pumps, VRV systems, distribution network insulation, etc.)
  • Upgrading of Domestic Hot Water systems
  • Photovoltaic systems, Energy storage with batteries, Geothermal systems, etc.
  • Automation systems