The building shell is crucial for its energy performance, as continuous heat exchanges occur through it with the surrounding environment. The thermal insulation of the building shell is the method we use to protect buildings from external conditions. It is the solution that allows us to limit heat loss from our buildings during winter and keep excessive heat away during summer.

ENAUSYS takes care of all the procedures required to thermally insulate your building "turnkey." Specifically, we offer:

Site inspection by specialized energy engineers.

Identification of energy loss points (e.g., using thermal imaging).

Works carried out by specialized teams.

High-quality construction materials.

Supervision of works by specialized engineers.

THERMAL INSULATION(And its applications)

Floor insulation

Particularly important during winter as it eliminates the cold floor phenomenon.

External thermal cladding

Creates a new shell in the house's masonry, eliminating losses through thermal bridges in windows or the building's frame, etc.

Roof insulation

Significantly reduces temperature variations, especially in summer, and when combined with waterproofing, prevents potential moisture problems in ceilings.

Internal insulation

Applied in cases of limited access to the external wall or in spaces that are not permanently occupied and need quick heating.

Expanded polystyrene or mineral wool?

The choice of the right material, insulation thickness, and other materials depends on the specific characteristics of your space and the surrounding conditions (humidity, solar radiation, fire hazards, etc.). No material is a one-size-fits-all solution. Therefore, before spending money unnecessarily, contact us to study your case and propose the solution that suits your needs.