Saving Energy and Money


Natural Gas is an alternative form of energy that is used nowadays for heating. With natural gas, energy and money are saved daily to heat your home, cook or hot water production. For example, if an old boiler is being replaced with a natural gas boiler, you can save 30% of your heating costs per year. ENAUSYS offers undertakes all the required procedures in order to change your home / business heating to natural gas.

Specifically, we offer you:

1) Full condensing boilers, with 109% performance!

2) Hydraulic / Electrical works by specialized staff

3) High Quality materials

4) Studies / Procedures / Licensing

5) Supervision of work by specialized engineers

In addition, for better results and extra energy savings in energy saving, we offer you:


Magnetic - Hydrocyclonic filters

 These are special filters that collect the magnetite sludge that is created in the heating network. These filters protect your boiler and increase the efficiency of the radiators.


Weather compensation

The water temperature is adjusted based on the outside temperature and consequently the energy efficiency is being increased.


WI-FI Thermostats

With these special thermostats you will be able to control heating through your mobile, set time programs etc.


Thermostatic valves

Thermostatic valves allow the automatic adjustment of the hot water flow and the temperature control of each room separately.