ENAUSYS specializes in the field of renovations, with long term experience in the execution of apartment and house renovation projects. We believe that proper initial planning is a prerequisite for a successful and aesthetically pleasing result. It ensures clear budget definition and protects from mistakes and extra costs during construction.


Our company's engineers are with you at every stage, from the initial design to the final delivery of your project. For the implementation of construction work, we have experienced technical personnel consisting of craftsmen, heating/plumbing experts, and electricians with extensive activity in the construction sector.

The steps we follow as a company for carrying out renovation work are:



Recording your needs significantly helps the engineer understand the project in order to meet all your requirements in the composition and design of your home. Additionally, correctly determining the budget you are willing to allocate for the renovation work forms the basis for determining the tasks and materials to be used.



Once you have determined the budget and your needs, a specialized engineer will assess the space and make technical and architectural proposals. At this stage, together with the engineer, you can reconfigure your space optimally and reach the final solution.



Before starting the work and during the design phase, material selection takes place. Our company, through its specialized engineers and network of suppliers and partners, will propose a wide range of materials for the renovation work that align with your budget. At this stage, you will also receive our final offer based on your choices.



After finalizing the design, our team of engineers takes care of obtaining all the necessary approvals and permits from the relevant authorities (municipality, planning department, etc.).



At this stage, determining the schedule of the work is crucial to ensure that all tasks are completed smoothly without delays or mishaps. We are now ready to start your renovation work!

We undertake all types of renovation work, including:
  • Demolitions/removals (floors, walls, bathroom, kitchen, etc., and disposal from your premises)
  • Floor leveling work (gross-beton fillings, self-leveling cement screeds, etc.)
  • Installation of final floor coverings with ceramic tiles, marble, stamped concrete, laminate, etc.
  • Plumbing/drainage installations (new hot and cold-water supply network, installation of plumbing fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens, repair and installation of new drainage systems, cleaning/repair/new installation of drainage network [manholes-vertical pipes])
  • Electrical installations (installation of internal high-current network and replacement of electrical panel, installation of low-current network for telephony, Ethernet, TV, CCTV)
  • Construction works with dry construction materials (gypsum board, cement board) and conventional materials (bricks, concrete blocks).
  • Installation of false ceilings and interior configurations using gypsum board.
  • Interior and exterior plastering works (rendering, paint coatings).
  • Installation of cooling/heating systems (heat pumps, natural gas boilers, air conditioning units, underfloor heating systems, etc.).
  • External thermal insulation of walls, roofs, and facades.
  • Roof and basement waterproofing works.
  • Installation of internal and external fixtures.